21 Day Emotional Eating Bootcamp

7 pm. Seated with friends. Orders placed. Conversation ensues.  Everyone seems so happy.

Except me. I’m uncomfortable in my clothes. I wonder what to say.  I laugh along but feel distracted.   

My drink already gone. Questioning another.

Food comes.  I want to eat slowly.  I promised myself I would eat slowly.  

Moments later, food gone.  I’m full, but didn’t taste even one bite.

Nor do I remember what we had been talking about throughout.

Hugs as we make our exit. Uncomfortable for me because I still feel so distracted.

I leave.  Disappointed in myself.  Determined to do it different ‘next time’.

Until then, maybe I’ll grab dessert on my way home.

Emotional eating wins again.  

That story, above, showed up in so many different ways.  In all aspects of my life.

I grew tired of emotional eating robbing me of my presence.  Stealing my confidence. Leaving me disappointed.

Rolled up my sleeves.  Dug to the root. Food freedom.

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