My name is Alana, pronounced “ah-LAY-nah” (ask my parents), and I used to want to be a nun, then a Broadway actress. Mercifully, life had other plans.

Today, I am a women’s health practitioner and I may be about to change your life for good. Every area of it, from your mornings, to your dress size, to your savings account, and beyond.

How, you ask? By giving you back the very thing that fascinates us in little kids and wild horses. The thing we crave most when we get lost in our own unhelpful thoughts.  The thing we’re most protective of, and yet so negligent with.

Your freedom.


freedom to think for yourself


I’ve made a life and a career searching for unconventional solutions, questioning dogma, often choosing the road less traveled.

I convinced my parents to buy a VitaMix when I was 12 (long before they were mainstream) and began practicing yoga when I was 15 (when it was only for the weird ones).  I left the security of my job as a school counselor to join the Peace Corps with my husband.  I’ve researched, probed, and questioned everything that was ever presented as fact, requirement, or inevitable.

To be fair, I still do.  Until there’s solid science or my own intuition fully supporting me, that is.  It’s a habit I teach all my clients and what I most hope for you to take away.

This is your life, after all.  It’s good to be decisive.  


freedom to honor ‘what is’ in order to embrace ‘what can be’


One of the cornerstones of my work is exploring the nooks and crannies of our life’s experience- the impact they have on our physical body- releasing the blocks they created.

Don’t really want to go there?

You cannot expect to live your life on purpose when your heart says “Go!” and your feet won’t move.  It’s the hidden patterns, I’ve learned, we need to untether first, before we can ever hope to go places.

Seeing a woman I work with have a breakthrough- helping her undo what’s kept her stuck and ‘barely afloat’- is always highlight of my week.  So is seeing her dive deep for the sometimes uncomfortable, but real answers.  So is shared laughter over the silliest thing.  So is watching her learn to love herself fiercely.

None of these happen when you don’t let the pendulum swing, when you only take the good, and bury the bad.  Letting it swing again may be scary to attempt alone, and it’s not half as bad with a good guide.

That’s why I will always lead you there . . . then lead you out.


freedom to have fun


Because getting it all ‘right’ is not what counts. Having it ‘all together’ is not what counts.

Trust counts.  Comfort counts.  Ease does too.

I care about you.  I care about the impact our time together will have on your life. I care about the impact your life will have on others.  I have the tools to make it happen, a talent for teaching you those tools, and I revel in celebrating the tiniest successes along the way. They add up.

The rest is you and I, in a virtual room together, until you’re at the point where your life is brimming with fun and progress and forward momentum, just like our sessions - talking about what matters most, drinking big mugs of my proprietary magic brew (ask me later).

That’s the way I choose to do my work.
That’s the way healing leads to your personal freedom.