Body Clarity Blueprint

Do you experience a variety of aggravating symptoms that go un-diagnosed?

Fatigue. PMS. Sugar cravings. Headaches. Weight that won’t budge. Poor sleep. Mood swings. Dry skin. Difficult digestion. Achy joints. Inflammation. Brittle hair. <---- SYMPTOMS

Symptoms are a signal of imbalance in the body. Discover what your symptoms may be telling you about potential imbalance:


Imbalance at the Cellular Level

Consider this-

Every part of our body is made of cells.  Every organ. Every gland.  Every muscle.  Every bone.

Every cell requires energy in order to carry out its function.

In order to correct and maintain vibrant health, we have to ensure every cell is able to produce the energy it needs to do its job.

Minerals are the ‘sparkplugs’ of cellular function.  It is the relationship between the minerals in your body that will determine the amount of energy each cell is able to produce in order to function well.

The ability of each cell to carry out its function determines your body’s ability to maintain health in every system (i.e. digestive, reproductive, nervous, respiratory, musculoskeletal, endocrine, lymphatic systems).

The ability of every system to function well- and interact proactively with every other system- is a major determining factor in your overall health. When imbalance occurs, symptoms result.


How We Determine the Imbalances

Hair tissue mineral analysis provides a blueprint of an individual’s biochemistry and the effects on metabolic rate, energy level, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, immune system, and adrenal/thyroid function.

Not only does the mineral analysis assess the major minerals in the body (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium) and other important nutrient minerals (Zinc, Copper, Chromium, Iron...etc), it is also a reliable screening for the level of toxic metals in one’s body tissue (Mercury, Aluminum, Arsenic, LIthium...etc).


Correcting the Imbalances

We begin the process with a 30-minute intake call.

Following the call, a hair tissue mineral analysis kit will be mailed directly to you.  

Once you complete the simple hair collection process, you mail the kit to the lab.

When results are in, you'll receive your personalized mineral balancing protocol, including:

  • Your individualized results with detailed explanation (60-minute phone call)

  • A dietary supplement protocol designed in relation to your specific results

  • Nutrition guidelines based on your results in order to support your metabolic rate

  • Exercise recommendations to support your specific metabolic function

  • A "Clear & Create" guide to eliminate resistance

  • 3-months email coaching to answer questions as they arise and provide guidance as needed



If you have questions about the analysis process or need help determining if mineral balancing will support your health goals?  Schedule a FREE discovery call now.

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A Note About Fatigue

There is a difference between being tired and fatigued. ‘Tired’ is a phenomena we experience from time to time based on life circumstances, for example, getting a poor night’s sleep because you were worried about a child that was out late or having a big project due for work that is taking more time and energy than usual. We are generally able to recover from ‘tired’ easily when given the opportunity to ‘rest up’ or ‘unwind’.

Fatigue, on the other hand, occurs at the cellular level… when our cells are unable to produce the energy required to perform their function.  Literally, parts of our systems have slowed or are shutting down, leaving us feeling sluggish, achy, and out of control in our bodies.

Fatigue often gets passed off as a result of aging.  Really, fatigue is a signal of body breakdown and should be used as a GIANT RED FLAG of internal dysfunction in a person’s body. When fatigue goes uncorrected, the end result is a host of aggravating symptoms that only worsen with time.

Mineral balancing is a reliable method for correcting fatigue at the cellular level so you no longer have to rely on toxic stimulants or random (and expensive) supplements.  As we correct the level of energy your body is able to produce, the imbalances causing symptoms are also corrected and the symptoms seem to ‘disappear’.