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  • Calm the Crazy: The Proven Path to Increased Energy, Improved Sleep, and Balanced Hormones [eBook]

  • The Vitality Quiz - learn the 10 determining factors for your level of vitality and use the step-by-step guide to improve them if yours are low

  • Special Report - learn the #1 food zapping your energy (that most health authorities consistently recommend as a superfood)

And I’ll get a few essential bonuses:

  • The easiest, most effective exercise to re-align and energize the body (simple routines under 30 minutes and can be completed in my home)

  • The #1 recipe to rev your metabolism for consistent energy throughout the day

  • The Secrets of Emotional Eating . . . a guide to eliminate the pattern sabotaging my success at the gym

The Intentional Living Vibrant Health Bundle will show me exactly how to transform aggravating symptoms into vibrant health... it will take me by the hand and provide a step-by-step guide to stop the health madness I’ve experienced and help me know how to nourish my body in surprising ways.  

I will receive these health essentials over the course of a few weeks (instead of all at once) in order to prevent overwhelm so I can take committed, inspired action to improve my health.

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