Money Map Workshop

Remember the carefree childhood days?  When money wasn’t ever on our minds?  When was the last time you had a day like that?  There’s always a bill to pay, a dream to chase, and so rarely is there enough freedom to do it all.

The thing is, if you’ve ever bought a money management book, listened to a podcast, or read an article, you ‘know’ what to do.  Annoyingly, the “earn more, spend less” advice never seems to be enough.  Just like the “eat less, move more” of weight loss, or the “stress less, sleep more” quest for more energy, it’s a good idea.  A sound one.

A maddening one, too, cause it seems to work for other people. The ones with all the brain power, willpower. Luck, at the very least, cause their circumstances must be different, and their story a happier one, surely.

What if I could demonstrate that simply wasn’t true?  What if there were no ‘other people’?  What if it’s just people like you and me, armed with better tools?  Wouldn’t you want to know what those tools are?  Wouldn’t you want to test those tools yourself?

Because, let me tell you, once you do, things can shift FAST.

No more sleepless nights willing a secret savings account in order to act on your dreams.  No more fretting about meeting the needs of each member in your family.  No more gut-wrenching guilt and shame that’s surfaced based on the amount of debt you’ve accrued.

No more money stress turned into health problems, causing more stress, causing more issues, until you hit rock bottom.

With the Money Map Workshop, there’s no more of that.

You see, money stress is nothing but a symptom.  A serious one, sure.  One that keeps you from happy mornings, too.  And peaceful evenings.  And easy weekends.  And freedom, so much freedom.

Still, it’s only a symptom, just like the headache and sore muscles that won’t let you dance.  “Earn more, spend less” is about as helpful as “take an Advil” when what you have is an underlying hidden cause of the pain.

While this workshop does offer instant relief, I’m not out to treat symptoms, so we’re not focusing on how to budget or automate your savings.  We shall deal with the underlying problem instead.

You will identify the true sources of your money stress.

You will dramatically reduce that stress on the spot, before our time together runs out.  

You will walk away with the tools you need to quit the downward spiral, once and for all.

Are you ready to finally think and talk about money without anxiety or resentment?  

Are you willing to quit the struggle and make friends with money instead of avoiding or fearing it?  

Do you like the idea of feeling lighter and struggling to remember a time when money stress was ever-present?

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Usually you would see bullet points, here, about all the things I’ll teach and what you will learn. But not today.  Because this workshop is different.  This workshop is ALL ABOUT YOU doing your personal work, in a connected and safe space.

You have PLENTY of information already.  You could regurgitate the best methods for restructuring your finances easily.  You could teach that stuff. More information won’t help.

We are doing the work to identify, address, and clear the blocks that keep you stuck. No lectures. No information overwhelm. Only forward momentum. Freedom.

I care about connecting, diving deep, and making solid impact, so seats will be limited.  So are opportunities like this.

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