Episode 003: The Hormones Wreaking Havoc on Your Metabolism

You’ve tried it all.

Diets, exercise, meditation, yoga . . . and even made a concerted effort at journaling.

Nothing worked?

All of those things are great to help us maintain vibrant health.  But when our health has been suffering for quite some time, we need to understand what’s going on at a deeper level.

That’s why we’re talking about hormones and metabolism today. (access in iTunes)

First you’ll learn what metabolism really is, and what it’s not.

Second, following this episode you’ll be able to assess your metabolism, at-home, for free.

Third, you’ll discover how, and which, hormones impact your metabolism.

Finally, you’ll be motivated to employ six simple steps to begin correcting your metabolism today.

And why does any of this matter? 

Because it’s our metabolism that allows every gland, organ, muscle, and bone to function properly- leaving us feeling alive, vibrant, healthy, and full of joy.