Episode 005: Creating Balance In A Hectic World

I’m going to make a bold claim. 

Not diet. Not exercise. Not affirmations. Not supplements. Nor any of the myriad things we are told to do for our health.

The #1 predictor of our level of health and vitality is the balance we experience in our day-to-day lives.

But how do we do it when we have so much filling our daily plate? (access in iTunes)

Vanessa Schellenberg is a Woman’s Empowerment Coach, a practicing Registered Nurse, Mother of 4, Wife, and… you know… human like the rest of us!

She spent years invested in her own personal growth in order to figure out how she could ‘do it all’ (at least all the things she really wants to do… which for her… is a LOT).

Listen to Vanessa as she shares:
- How she handles “Mom Guilt” (because mom’s, it’s very real- right?)
- Her creative ways for connecting deeply with each of her children, individually
- How she decides what to ‘add to her plate’
- How she’s found a way to thrive amidst the ‘classic’ chaos of a busy person
- What she does when she feels overwhelmed or anxious
- How she figured out what makes her thrive
- How she gets it all done
- And then I wanted to pick her brain a little, entrepreneur to entrepreneur, about how she builds her business while taking care of so much
- Finally, I surprise attack her by asking her to define “Intentional Living”- I LOVED her response

Find Vanessa at Red Dress Transformations or on Instagram @reddresstransformations

Women! Come join us in the Lab.

Vanessa mentioned her hierarchy of relationship:

Level 1- Relationship to spirituality/divinity

Level 2- Relationship to self

Level 3- Relationship to partner

Level 4- Relationship to children

Level 5- Relationship to all others