Episode 006: Demystifying Meal Planning

Words most often associated with meal planning: Boredom. Restriction. Deprivation. Being controlled. Rebellion. No time. Too busy.

So why do we keep pushing ourselves to meal plan?

Because underneath we know that it’s one of the secrets to improving our health and feeling more organized throughout the week. It’s one of the cogs that makes the wheel roll a little more smoothly.

Or at least I think.

I’m no master in the kitchen and I’d rather clean toilets than meal plan.  But I’ve always had a hunch meal planning could be really powerful. (access in iTunes)

Based on this interview, I think my hunch has been spot on!!

Listen to discover:
- A unique approach to weekly meal planning that removes the dread and boredom
- Where to find the best recipes with ease- Simple strategies to be prepared ahead of time (without having to think about it too much)
- How to cut down on food costs and shop on a budget (and simultaneously eliminate food waste)
- The #1 essential time saving tool in the kitchen


The woman with the info:

Meaghan Smith has her roots in cultural anthropology, ayurvedic nutrition and cooking.  She is the proprietor and chef at Harvest Catering, a small, locally owned and operated business located in Flagstaff, Arizona specializing in personal chef services. 

She is passionate about food and it’s healing power as medicine.  Additionally, she’s an advocate of the local foods movement.  While working as a personal chef, she’s also busy raising her two young boys, Tsaiwa and Kosmo. 

Be in touch with Meaghan: [email protected]

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