Episode 007: The Missing Elements of Health and Healing

Do you know the most important element of self-care?

According to today's guest Nanci Tunley, it's defining your purpose and living in your vision. (access in iTunes)

Tune in as Nanci highlights:

- How to know your purpose and vision even if right now you have no clue

- Why the issue of purpose and vision are crucial for bringing your physical body into balance

- 4 simple steps you can (and really should) begin today for vibrant health and living a fulfilled life (I rarely use the word ‘should’. . . and these steps are so basic if we’re not doing them, we’re harming our health)

Nanci Tunley is a heart centered health transformation specialist. She blends cutting edge functional nutrition with a heart centered coaching method that facilitates not only clients getting amazing physical health results but also stepping into what they want to be experiencing in life!

She takes both a functional and holistic approach in her work with her clients. This means that instead of only looking for ways to help you with your symptoms, she looks for root causes and to restore balance both physically and emotionally. 

Connect with Nanci at ReviveAndThriveNutrition.com


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