The Intentional Living Project has always been conceptualized as an exploration of three pillars: optimal health, financial wealth, and fulfilling relationships.

In truth, the mind-body connection, that is the very heart of my approach, affects all three areas of your life in equal measure,  It’s nearly impossible to heal one without making headway somewhere else, as well.

No matter what you choose to work on first, the ripple effect is guaranteed, so when I say “freedom”, I never just mean a localized version of it.

Holistic Approach = Holistic Results

That means, you cannot choose wrong.  And just in case you need more to go on, here’s a breakdown of everything I currently offer.



Money Stress Body Fatigue Breakthrough Series

This free 3-part video training is where to start, especially if you’ve ever struggled to feel confident with your finances or comfortable in your body.

It’s a concise introduction to the kind of work the Intentional Living Project is built on.  The videos will also be an introduction to a clinically proven mind-body technique and demonstrate how effective it is - on the spot!


Live Workshops

These online trainings are live, experiential, and limited to 20 people.  Each is dedicated to just one area of your life- health, money, or relationships- and is structured to guide you to do the work, rather than overwhelm you with more information.

You’ll get clarity, instant relief, and plenty of positive momentum allowing the shifts you’ve sought for a while now into being. In other words, these workshops will help you achieve your goals, and make them stick.



Ideal jumpstart for those looking for quick shifts in their relationship with food, the 21-day bootcamp addresses the root causes for emotional eating that sabotage your success with nutrition-related health programs for weight loss, hormone balance, or better sleep and energy.

In order to do this work effectively, a meal plan is provided intended to promote healing while triggering your emotional eating patterns (there’s a method to the madness!) You will receive daily practices to guide the process along with three 1:1 coaching sessions to address the root cause of feeling stuck with regard to your chosen concern (weight, hormones, or sleep/energy). Included is an affirmation audio you can listen to throughout your day to expedite your progress and ultimately help you achieve food freedom.

These tools will begin to rewire your mind as well as your body, so the results you achieve are not just quick, but lasting.


Body Clarity Blueprint

Sometimes it’s not just your mind that keeps your body from transforming.  Your body chemistry may be sabotaging your mind, too.  The Body Clarity Blueprint is where you and I will get a clear picture of your physical state, at the cellular level, and tailor design a regimen specific to your individual needs.

This package introduces one of my all-time favorite diagnostic tools - hair tissue mineral analysis.  The diagnostic tool will uncover any mineral imbalances (including toxic heavy metals) that may be halting your specific health transformation.

In addition to your analysis results, a personalized nutrition guide, and a targeted supplement protocol to help return your body chemistry to its optimal state, you will receive a Clear and Create Guide (to eliminate the resistances that typically surface when making lifestyle change), and 3-months of email coaching.  This way, you have no choice but implement.



If you are long overdue for a real, deep, once-in-a-lifetime transformation, this is the way to go.  Using the Clear and Create Method, we will discover exactly what is holding you back and release it, once and for all.

Hungry to experience complete freedom in your own health, wealth, and relationships?  This is where it happens.

Willing to dive deep?  This is where it happens.

Ready to take six months to reconnect with the part of you that already has the answers and fortitude to follow through?  Yes, right here.

Whatever is holding you back, body, mind, or anything in between, we’ll get to the root of it.  Need this yesterday?  Complete this form to begin taking consistent, committed action.



If you have many goals and typically try to achieve them all at once, I relate.  I know how long this pattern kept me stuck. Wanting more for our lives is beautiful. Spinning our wheels with intention and lack of forward momentum is heartbreaking. If you relate, this intensive is for you.

Knowing what you really want and the action steps needed to achieve those things is the most potent form of clarity you can have.  

In this 3-hour session, we will generate your personal clarity about what really matters most, design a tailor-made step-by-step plan of action, and release the underlying programs that create interference with your ability to follow through. Inevitable success.



Not sure what will fit best?  I am here to learn about your unique situation.  Schedule your FREE, no-obligation DISCOVERY session now, and I will help you choose wisely.