Customized For Your Unique Audience

What would you want your event to be?  If it were mine, I’d want it to be memorable.

Laughs and note-taking in the filled auditorium.  Lively conversation and connections made over coffee. Pearls of wisdom tweeted out.  Next year’s tickets booked within an hour of becoming available.

You and I both know none of that happens without a good lineup, yet what does “good” even mean?

“Good” means passion.


Fresh ideas.


A prime environment for life-altering moments.

Let’s just say I am nothing if not a passionate deep diver, always in search of the new and unknown.  The kind that inspires and empowers my clients, and audiences, to live on purpose.

It would be my honor to get on your stage and get them laughing, note-taking, connecting, and tweeting about the topic that most organically fits your vision.

My specialty, though, is freedom.  Removing everything that stand between your people and their Intentional Lives.  Giving them what they need to finally manifest their health, wealth, and relationship resolutions, without tethering them to my council forever.

My magic is looking past the, all too often, regurgitated advice, in exchange for unconventional solutions that, unlike the other kind, work.

In the end, unsurprisingly, all the answers tend to be within. I’ll take them there.

To learn a bit more about my approach to whole being balancing, check out my free Money Stress Body Fatigue Breakthrough Series.  Or just shoot me an email at <business email> so we can figure out exactly what your event needs.

For now, allow me to suggest one of my three signature talks:

Get a Grip

Your house full of Super-Women longing to work for themselves?  They may appreciate
"Get A Grip: Reclaim Energy, Eliminate Overwhelm, and Finally Launch Your Profitable Business (while caring for your family . . . and yourself)"

We will:

  • Get nit-picky about the foundational essentials every woman must know and master to run their business and maintain their sanity

  • Identify their outrageous goals and then (see next bullet point)

  • Uncover and release the hidden blocks keeping them stuck (live demo!)

  • Generate their ‘Forward Momentum Action Plan’ on-the-spot so they leave clear, motivated, and prepared for inevitable success

Broken Body vs. Broken Solution

Your audience more interested in health and can’t quite figure out “what’s wrong with their bodies”?  They may appreciate "Broken Body vs. Broken Solution: Food, Fatigue, and Weight That Won't Budge" 

We will delve into the following:

  • How traditional health plans and programs miss-the-boat making the problem worse

  • What’s really ‘slowing their metabolism’ and how to turn it around

  • Why obtaining individualized, whole-body analysis (that won’t break the bank) is the best method for monitoring health [an introduction to Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis]

  • A “Get Started” guide so they leave with map-in-hand to revive their metabolism, feel confident about what to eat, and know exactly how to energize their bodies

    Intentional Living

    Serving people who refuse to pick just one are of growth?  Good chance they'll be grateful for "Intentional Living: The Prescription for Personal Freedom and Creating a Life On Purpose"

    Here’s what we’ll cover:

    • A soulful inquiry to transform ‘knowing’ into DOING through inspired action

    • The art of setting boundaries, why we break them, and how to do it different

    • How to magnify our personal presence to be seen, heard, fulfilled, and free


    See something you like?  Connect with me through the CONTACT button below.

    Not quite finding the perfect fit?  Well, contact me! I have a way of finding unconventional solutions.

    All my best,