Success Testimonials

Alana is a coaching genius! Not only does she have a great understanding of nutrition and exercise, she's excellent at helping your uncover what's driving your unhealthy behaviors.  With her help, I saw what was driving my eating and self-image issues and was able to put them to bed.This has made me able to change my habits from a place of body love, instead of body shame.  She's warm and easy to talk to, very knowledgeable, and obviously a highly trained & skilled coach.  I highly recommend her!

Scarlet Wylde, Atlanta, GA

Before my Discovery Session with Alana, I'd been struggling with belly fat, and really had been working hard with trying to deal with it.  I just wanted to know if what I was doing  - the healthy choices I was making - were really doing something for me...Alana is awesome at discovering what was really allowing the belly fat to stay on....I was surprised to find that even though I make great decisions with my health, I was believing that all was lost, and this integration of all the elements to weight loss need to fit together in a way that was fun and not a chore.  

We also discovered that my belly fat is trying to let me know that I do not feel safe, which is absolutely true for me.  If I continue to approach it like it's a to do and not an act of self-love and appreciation and that I'm supporting myself, the belly fat would just stick around.  

Thank you Alana for your love and support and helping me to see the truth that the hard work I was putting in was worth it, but to truly seek the support from someone like you to keep on top of the wins and losses (in a good way) and have a trusted accountability system in place that feels good!  I felt like Alana "gets me" and no one has ever made me be at ease talking about this issue.

Lynette French-Dumas   Oxford, CT

I've been through a lot of therapy in my life, but I am absolutely amazed at the topics and insights you are facilitating!!! Thank you again!


Before working with Alana, my energy was all over the place and so sporadic!! I was working crazy shift work and building a business. I would go go go for days and nights at a time and I would then have to sleep for an entire day and night. I would end up missing out on being there for my 3 kids due to having to sleep a day away to catch up on my energy.

After working with Alana I have maintained a high energy level, I no longer have to sleep for an entire day after following my busy week. I can keep up with my kids and I feel great. I have been able to start eating healthier and people at work keep saying "you look so happy". I truly know that this comes from working with Alana and the supplements that I have been introduced to are making such a difference!! Thank you so much Alana!

Vanessa Schellenberg, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

One of the essential skills of being a great Coach is to meet you (client) where you are and slowly let you unfold to see the possibility and choices available, that will elevate, challenge and change you without you even realizing you are different. That is the experience I had with Alana Lackey Fournet.

With a soft demeanor and probing techniques Alana saw behind my armor and slowly helped me to undo years of self protection that were no longer useful, thereby providing me so many other possibilities. If you are in need of change, and transformation I highly recommend you contact Alana, you will not be disappointed.

Sharon A. Fraser, PA.

From our first call Alana totally blew me away with her insight. She noted things in what I was saying that I never would have picked up myself. Before I started working with her, I had isolated myself by diving too deeply into studying. I was missing out on the joys of human connection; putting it off until later but feeling the lack.

Alana really opened my eyes to the ways I was trying to control the uncontrollable, and she gave me some tools to try to let that go. She also showed me how I had conflicting desires that were causing me to push people away, even though I really want them in my life.  

Since working with Alana I am reaching out more and reconnecting with friends, old and new. I am feeling reconnected, plugged back in, and eager to share. I am collaborating on projects, socializing, and even dancing! I feel like I have been released from my (self-imposed) cage and am loving the freedom.

Alana made me feel comfortable and safe from the very beginning. I trust her to guide me to my best solutions, and to challenge me when I need it. She is like the sister who is not afraid to call you on your stuff. We could all use a sister like that.

Monica Vela, Brooklyn, NY

I have been on a path to improve my health since 2012. With joint pain, headaches, low energy, resistance to weight loss  and food intolerances becoming the norm in my life, I knew I had to get healthy.  I worked hard to eat right, exercise and feel better. While I did everything “right”, I still struggled– the pain, energy, sleep and weight still plagued me.

The doctors said that everything looked “great and normal”, yet I didn’t feel great so they put me on thyroid medicine to help improve my energy and encouraged me to just keep eating healthy. While the medicine temporarily improved my energy, I knew it wasn’t a fix.

So I chose to take my health into my own hands. I started working with Alana in 2016 and after just 3 months, I experienced a huge difference. My headaches that have been plaguing me since college are gone, my energy is up (I’m off my thyroid medicine AND feeling good), and my body is starting to tolerate things I couldn’t eat just a few months ago. It feels like my body is starting to heal after years of “illness”.

While I know that I am just at the beginning of this new journey, I’m excited by the results so far and to be on a sustainable path to a stronger, healthier and happier me! Thank you Alana!

Jenn Olson, Erie, Colorado