Your Invitation to the Full On Freedom Circle

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The Full On Freedom Circle is built on 3 Guiding Principles - Proof, Presence, and Pleasure.  The ultimate intention for the program is that, with these principles in place, you don’t just improve your health (energy, hormones, metabolism, weight, sleep, digestion…), you also…


Reclaim VIBRANT HEALTH which includes freedom from:

-       Rigid plans and regimens

-       Food restriction

-       Guilt about caring for yourself

-       Confusing and conflicting health information


And the freedom to be:

-       Clear so you have a sense of direction in your health plan

-       Decisive so you no longer feel pulled to try the ‘latest thing’

-       In control so you know without a shadow of a doubt you are bringing your body back to balance and seeing progress every day (regardless of the external circumstances that typically pull you ‘off course’)


So you can:

-       Feel fully ALIVE, confident, and joyful day-to-day

-       Be calm and grounded instead of feeling frenetic with a million things to do

-       Be comfortable and confident in your own skin while you create the tangible results you desire for your health (whether it’s increased energy, improved mood, weight loss, better digestion, balanced hormones, more patience, eliminate headaches, feel more relaxed, or to think more clearly)


The Method

Using the Wholistic Integration Method, we address mind and body simultaneously because… we have to.  For too long we’ve been encouraged to either: 1) focus on food, exercise, and lifestyle habits in order to improve our health, or 2) dismiss all that in trade for a more spiritual focus of meditations, affirmations, and mantras.

Nothing wrong with any of those things.

It’s just, when we talk about VIBRANT HEALTH, those things on their own don’t typically work.  And if they do, the results don’t typically last.


Instead, we use:

Proof - scientifically supported tools that help us understand our individual metabolic function at the cellular level.  We need clear information about our unique body that allows us to see if the changes we make are supporting, or depleting, our health. 

(For example, I used to LOVE cleanses and detoxes.  Once I learned how to assess my metabolic health, I could immediately see the impact a cleanse had on my metabolic function, so I knew the cleanse… while it might have felt good in the moment… was actually devastating my metabolism. This isn’t to say cleanses or detoxes are bad, either!  I may find over the course of some years that I can return to them without the same negative impact.)

The tools used in the Wholistic Integration Method for reliable scientific proof are hair tissue mineral analysis, body temperature, and pulse.

Presence - I’m not talking about our appearance here, nor am I talking about being ‘present in the moment’.  In the Wholistic Integration Method, we use the philosophy of presence-ing our hidden challenges - what seems to be a mysterious force pulling us off track - that sabotage our efforts and keep us stuck.

Pleasure - While it’s been misunderstood and, in some cases, demented, pleasure is a metabolic activator.  The secret sauce of the Wholistic Integration Method is using pleasure to activate our body’s natural healing power (metabolism) which allows the healing process to be enjoyable (no more deprivation and punishment in the name of health!) and ensures results will last long-term.


The Client Accountability System

I am launching a ‘pilot’ round of the Full On Freedom Circle.  This means you get all the benefits of the program at a very low cost while I work out a few details of the Client Accountability System that will be integral to the program.

Accountability is one of the missing links in most health/medical programs so I’ve committed to perfecting a system that delivers ultimate impact. I know a ‘system’ can look great on paper, but I need real experience to perfect it J.

In order to discover if this program is a good fit for you, we’ll review your major goals over the phone in a private call.  Also, I’m going to keep this ‘pilot’ group small and want to create a really powerful community of women 100% committed to this process.


The Call

While the doors have opened to the Full On Freedom Circle, there are only 2 spots left for this round.  I am looking for 2 more women who are ready to go all in . . . to be fully committed to this process that transforms health from the inside out. 

Because of this limited space, I want to get on the phone with you to hear about your current health goals to make sure this type of program will match what you really want.  I’ll also assess your readiness for this type of work. Finally, I’ll answer any questions you have and hopefully we’ll laugh together, at least a little bit, along the way.


Your Next Step

 You’ll be taken to my contact form;

-       In the subject line, write “I want to know more”. 

-       In the message, indicate 3 dates/times over the course of the next two weeks (June 23- July 7) that would work for you to have up to a 60-minute call. (Please indicate your time zone.)

-       Please also briefly explain what indicates you are ready for this type of work.


All my best,